Napoleon Hill’s son

Blair Hill was born on November 11, 1912 in Fairmont, Marion, West Virginia. Napoleon Hill’s son is best known for being born without ears but managed to hear with persistence and willingness. On February 5, 1937, Blair Hill married Vera (Cunningham) Hill Nutter in New York City, New York. He passed away on August 31, 1975 in Harrison, West Virginia and was laid to rest in the Lumberport Lions Club Cemetery. 

Blair Hill, as adult.

Blair Hill as an adult

About Blair, Napoleon Hill’s son without ears

Blair Hill was born devoid of ears. His father, Napoleon Hill, dismissed the diagnosis and believed that Blair would hear and speak. Growing up, Blair couldn’t hear his teachers unless they shouted vociferously at close range. During his final year of college, he perused chapter two of the manuscript of Think and Grow Rich and unearthed Hill’s secret for himself.

Initially, Blair employed a phonograph to acquire limited auditory perception. The Hill family purchased a victrola, a line of phonographs manufactured by Victor Talking Machine Company from 1906 to the 1970s. When the son of Napoleon Hill encountered the victrola, he instinctively bit down on the console’s edge, allowing him to perceive music through bone conduction, which transmits sound through the skull bones.

The Victrola, a product of the Victor Talking Machine Company, was used by Napoleon Hill’s son

The Victrola, a product of the Victor Talking Machine Company, was used by Napoleon Hill’s son to overcome his hearing disability.

Subsequently, he tested an Acousticon hearing aid tailor-made for him by the Dictograph Products Company. This hearing aid enhanced his hearing to 100 percent, allowing him to hear and engage in conversations at normal levels.

The Acousticon by the Dictograph Products Company, used by Napoleon Hill's son.

The Acousticon by the Dictograph Products Company

Blair was so appreciative of the design that he penned a letter to Dictograph, expressing his gratitude. As a result, he received an invitation to visit their headquarters and tour their factory. Inspired by this experience, Blair dedicated a month to researching Dictograph’s marketing system and devised a two-year plan to reach out to those with hearing difficulties worldwide. Dictograph accepted his proposal and hired him to implement this new plan.

Blair Hill’s journey from apparent limitation to wholeness became a priceless asset, benefiting not only himself but also countless others. However, the official version of Blair Hill’s story differs from several explanations that were revealed in the subsequent years.

After just one month of receiving chiropractic adjustments three times a week, Blair began showing signs of hearing improvement. He would turn his head to listen when he heard a clap behind his back. In Teach-In News, one of the many newsletters penned by Napoleon, he revealed that Blair was given weekly chiropractic adjustments, beginning at the age of eighteen months, and continuing until the child was four years old.

Tech-In News article by Napoleon Hill about Chiropractis where he talks about his son Blair's success story.

Tech-In News article

Chiropractic works by gently removing pressure on nerves, allowing your system to heal and adapt properly. In Blair Hill’s case, while he lacked the presence of external ears, the internal structures responsible for sound interpretation were still intact. The inner ear structures receive their nerve supply from the portion of the spinal cord located in the neck region.

It was not surprising that Blair’s hearing was improved by spinal manipulation, considering the discovery of chiropractic in September 1895.

What secret did Blair discover in Think and Grow Rich?

The second chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill highlights the significance of desire in achieving one’s goals. According to the author, success comes at a considerable cost and is only worthwhile if accompanied by a strong and unwavering desire. To transform desire into wealth, the chapter presents a six-step approach. This approach involves setting a goal, devising a plan, nurturing desire, cultivating the right mindset, taking action, and adopting an appropriate attitude.

Furthermore, the author provides strategies for enhancing self-confidence. These strategies include using affirmations, visualization techniques, and seeking inspiration from role models. As an illustration, he cites the example of Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay Ash employed these techniques to amass considerable wealth.

Please note that this is a very short summary of the original text. For further details and a more comprehensive understanding, I recommend referring to the comprehensive summary.

What is the conclusion of the story?

Chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich is an enlightening and valuable lesson. It provides practical insights into achieving success. This chapter emphasizes the significance of persistence and determination in attaining one’s goals. 

It does not rely on miracles or wishful thinking. The story of Blair serves as a compelling example. Had he not been persistent in pursuing his purpose, he would not have explored modern tools or medical techniques. Ultimately, his unwavering commitment led him to discover the answer he sought. This chapter is a testament to the power of perseverance and resourcefulness.

Tombstone of Napoleon Hill's son, Blair.

Blair Hill’s tombstone

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