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The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has 15 chapters in total. The chapters explain the 13 principles of success, plus an introduction and a final technique. The book is about 238 pages long, but this may vary depending on the edition. The chapters are organized as follows:

Chapter numberChapter titleNumber of pages
5Specialized Knowledge14
7Organized Planning32
10Power of the Master Mind9
11The Mystery of Sex Transmutation16
12The Subconscious Mind13
13The Brain10
14The Sixth Sense11
15How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear24
Table of chapters

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Across these chapters, Napoleon Hill analyses 40 of America’s most relevant millionaires to identify the skills for becoming rich.

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Who was Napoleon Hill ?

Headshot of Young Napoleon Hill
Picture of young Napoleon Hill, in 1904

Today Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) is the most famous reference when it comes to personal development and achievement. Hill is most known for being the author of its best-seller “Think and Grow Rich”, book which sold over 25 million units over a period of half a century since it appeared in 1937. Hill is considered as the creator of the self-help genre and he still is the insperation of thousands of authors covering the topic.

As well, Napoleon Hill is known for his seminars about the law of success in 16 lessons, his golden rules, his 13 principles or his popular going the extra mile. With his inspiring rules, he became one of the most significant authors of the New Thought and a great advocate of the Law of Attraction.

Although there were other writers, Napoleon Hill was like no other. After he experienced failure and bankruptcy several times in his life, Hill decided to devote his life to finding the secret of success.

At the time of his death in 1971, Hill was worth around $1 million of the time. He had published many books and essays on personal achievement and the law of success. Peace of mind, positive mental attitude and faith in yourself are key ideas that will be found all over his work. Among his most famous and best books in his list we find :

  • The Law of Success (published in 1928)
  • The Magic Ladder to Success (published in1930)
  • Think and Grow Rich (published in 1937)
  • Outwitting the Devil (published in 1938)

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Who was Andrew Carnegie?

Face of Andrew Carnegie
Picture of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, around 1910-1915

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was an American industrialist and philantropist most known for the Carnegie Steel Company, with headquarters in Pittsburgh. Carnegie aquired an estimated wealth of US$400 billion in adjusted dollars of 2017, making him the richest man of his time until he got succeded by John D. Rockeffeler.

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