Sex transmutation

In this post we will explain the concepts of sexual energy and of energy transmutation. Then I will explain how to make the most of it by funneling it into your goals.

What is sex energy?

The first point to understand is sex energy or sexual energy is something with doesn’t really exist as such. It is not an energy in the physical sense of word, which is measurable in Joules or Calories.

Sexual energy is a mental condition and physical capacity of the body of the human being.

Under such sexual excitation, the human body can improve performance both physically and intellectually.

When a person is sexually excited, heart rate increases.  Tiredness decreases. Hunger and thirst also decrease. Capacity to withstand physical pain increases dramatically. In general, performance of the human body improves and can be compared to the effect of specific drugs or doping.

On the other side, sexual excitation turns you alert. It makes you be funnier, makes you be more empathic, makes you be more creative, etc. It also makes you be more sensitive to physical contact (could be even electrifying).

On the intellectual side, sexual excitation has two other characteristics. First, it increases your risk profile. It means, you become more willing to assume risks you would try to avoid under normal conditions. Secondly sexual excitation makes you become persistent (to accomplish your goal) to the limit of becoming obstinate and unpleasant to other people.

The physical and mental conditions acquired through sexual excitation are what we call sexual energy.

What is sex transmutation?

You will offen hear about the power of sex transmutation, but in reality we should refer to it as sexual energy transmutation.

Sex transmutation means you can reproduce physiological conditions described above for goals other than having sexual intercourse.

Ideally, sexual transmutation should be induced at will, maximizing your performance and productivity.

It doesn’t mean that you should have sexual desires over immaterial things nor that you should learn how to get sexually excited about let’s say working on your project.

It means you should learn how to reproduce its biological effects to use them as a “natural drug” which, by the way, you can become addicted to.

In the end, you will keep your normal sexual desires. Those should not change.

If you manage to control and recreate your sexual excitement at will, you can consider you have accomplished sexual transmutation. That is what people know as the “power of sex transmutation”.

How to transmute sexual energy?

You’ll find on the internet many articles and posts about sex transmutation. In the end, sexual transmutation is not something which works the same way for everyone.

It is something one must learn. Like for example learning to sleep, or learning to relax, or learning to handle stress. It is very personal.

However, despite the fact you must work on learning yourself, there are many authors who have tried to give you tips.

Maybe the most famous one is Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. There is a specific chapter dedicated to it and you can find its summary online.

As a rule, maybe the most important thing to do as a starting point is not dissipating it. Whenever you get excited, do not hurry and dissipate it through sexual intercourse or masturbation.

On the contrary, wait for some minutes and try to be productive working in something you want to accomplish.

Does everybody have sexual energy?

Most people have sexual energy. Men and women do have it. Regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Since the moment your body sees changes upon sexual excitement, and those changes are for the better (improvements in functional performance) it means there is enough sexual energy in you.

However, it is for sure not the same case for all of us. Some people may be more sexual than others.

People may think heterosexual men may be the group with more of it, but it hasn’t been proved and could just be another cliché like many others.

In any case, sexual energy depends on the person and personal conditions. So, be just aware that for some people the process of transmutation will be harder or easier, or will have bigger or smaller effects.

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    I have a question about sexual energy how can I learn to train myself to do it , there is Practical things I can do to take the first step in training myself in that


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